so whenever may the girl who from Germany she has a disorder called autism and she couldn't talk English and talked german and we tried to let her use a tablet to help her learn English and she tried first word of English she said thank you that was her first word in English and she had her wild episodes of her behavior she was throw things hit scream punch bite and roll her eyes back and screaming in pain and also helps lilo the hawilian girl who has the same thing as may has and may tried to not let lilo hurt herself by head banging the walls and others and liked karaoke and dancing and acting so she has a wonderful life with the icarly gang who have helped her and she talks a little of English but she trying and she begin to smile and hug cam puckett Freddie benson and she carly shay and she said you always very nice to me and I like seattel I love the smoothies and everybody in the world and I would say ja I would be on your show.