• Newguy333

    The Amazing Regular Time

    February 18, 2012 by Newguy333

    This is my idea for a movie for Adventure Time, Regular Show & The Amazing World of Gumball. What do you think?

    It starts of with Mordecai & Rigby digging out a mole causing a problem with the pipelines and then they find a treasure chest with a piece of a map inside. Meanwhile in Adventure Time, Finn & Jake are rescuing Slime Princess from an evil drill monster. after they save her Jake trips over a a treasure chest, they also find another piece of the map. Meanwhile in Gumball's world, Gumball & Darwin are bored so they start to dig up some treasure soon enough they find the treasure map as they call it, they soon follow the path it says, Mordecai thinks its the map to find Pop's time capsule he left at least 40 years ago, they soon follo…

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