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  • NightFalcon9004

    Days passed: 62

    April 2nd – June 3rd

    Basically, four times a day, you can hurt a character, and heal one. For example, if you say "Heal Fionna, hurt Cake," Fionna gains 1 HP, and Cake loses 1 HP. You can now double heal/hurt a character if you want. Every character starts with 10 HP. Last character alive wins. The blog is finished.

    • Lord Monochromicorn

    • Marshall Lee

    • BMO

    • Fionna

    • Gunter

    • Tree Trunks with mustache - Killed 2 days in by Karichanx102
    • Ice Queen - Killed 3 days in by Brian camba
    • Muscle Prince - Killed 4 days in by Four4
    • Snail - Killed 5 days in by My leige
    • Ms. Pig - Killed 5 days in by Yami Arashi
    • Female Cinnamon Bun - Killed 7 days in by TheEyeOfAllEyes
    • Prince Gumball - Killed 9 days in by NightFalcon9004
    • Doctor Prince - Killed 11 days in by Brian…

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  • NightFalcon9004

    Days passed: 86

    January 1st – March 27th

    Every 6 hours, you can hurt a character and heal one, or you can double hurt/heal a character, but if you do this, you cannot perform the second action. You can only say it on a comment up to 8 votes, meaning you can hurt/heal one character up to four times, or you can divide it evenly and use it on other characters. For example, if you say "Heal Finn, hurt Jake," Finn gains 1 HP, and Jake loses 1 HP. Every character starts with 10 HP. Last character alive wins. The blog is finished.

    • BMO

    • Marceline

    • Shoko

    • Flame Princess

    • Jake

    • Ash - Killed 2 days in by Prismo's brother(plk)
    • Ricardio - Killed 3 days in by Aaronzhou66
    • Me-Mow - Killed 7 days in by That Magic Man
    • Turtle Princess - Killed 9 days in by Wiciu03
    • Lemongrab …

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  • NightFalcon9004

    O hai.

    Anyways, I might as well write this surprisingly short story before Marceline and Flame Princess ever actually do meet in Adventure Time.

    So one day, Marceline was carrying some grocery bags to her house while whistling a tune. Suddenly, she notices that her door was open and a trail of fire was in the doorway. When she entered the house, she sees—

    “Hey! Who are you?!” Marceline asks. Flame Princess was sitting on her couch, Marceline's ax bass held in her hands. “What are you doing with that? Give it to me!”

    “Oh, this is yours?” asked Flame Princess handing the guitar to Marcy. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone lived in this house.”

    “Why did you stay here?” Marceline interrogated her.

    “Well, the place looked nice, so I didn't want to lea…

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  • NightFalcon9004

    Yes. Finally finished with this.

    Enter Finn

    Finn: Man, this Heat Signature movie drags on a lot.

    Enter Beemo

    Beemo! Thank Gob, I was getting lonely. How goes it? Is Flame Princess ok? If she is, I am too.

    Beemo: Oh Finn. She is well, and but she will no longer awaken ever again. I saw them bringing her dead body to the Fire Tomb, where she may rest. It’s terrible, Finn!

    Finn: What?! She’s dead?! Then I defy you stars! Curse you! I must get back.

    Beemo: No Finn! You’re still banished! You can only go back there in your next lifetime!

    Finn: They can go eat mud! Do you bring letters from Friar Simon?

    Beemo: No Finn.

    Finn: No matter. Get out of here, I need alone time now!

    Exit Beemo

    Now I will never be able to be with Flame Princess again…unless…I must g…

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  • NightFalcon9004

    Sigh. At least this one isn't so long. Well, as short as it gets. Still painful to write.


    Enter Friar Simon and Brocko

    Friar Simon: So, you wanted this wedding on what, Thursday?

    Brocko: Flame King wanted it so, and I will not refuse.

    Friar Simon: Kissup. So what does the lady want?

    Brocko: Alas, I know not of what is on Flame Princess’ mind, as immoderately she weeps for Furnius’ death, and therefore have I little talked of love.

    Friar Simon: Boy, what a fool this guy is…oh look, sir, here comes the lady towards my cell.

    Enter Flame Princess

    Brocko: Happily met, my lady and my wife!

    Flame Princess: Shut up, I’ll never be your wife.

    Brocko: That never you speak of will become false, love, on Thursday next.

    Flame Princess: You’re wasting my t…

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