So, since Adventure Time takes place 1000 years from today, I thought about how most characters seem similar to other cartoons and people we know now, so I made a list of how they can be related to others.

Finn is a descendant of He-Man, as well as a descendant of Link (who has the qualities of Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and King Arthur), as they are heroes with swords and long blond hair, and other junk like that.

He-Man Link

Jake's ancestor is Courage the Cowardly Dog, who is also an ancestor of Scooby-Doo, shown by their canine ability to talk and be scared of stuff, and sometimes eat a lot.

Scooby Courage

BMO's video game parts are made from GIR.

Robot Gir
Girdance You know, the robot ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Flame Princess is a descendant of Princess Azula, the princess of the Fire Nation. And before Azula grew up to be a princess, she was that little girl from the old Jackie Chan cartoon.


Lady Rainicorn was formerly a pony living in Ponyville, but became mutated and stretched out to what she is seen today. She was most likely related to Rainbow Dash.

Lady 1
Rainbow Dash 3

Lumpy Space Princess has "Rainbow Puking" syndrome, something that has happened since before the Mushroom War. It's pretty self-explanatory...

LSP puking
Puking rainbowsApology2Gnome

This is all I thought for Gunter:


Ice King -

Simon with crown
Ice King


John Lennon

His glasses, beard, and former musical talent also resembles that of John Lennon.

Lich, as the Dark Lord, has an evil alliance with Emperor Palpatine and Lord Voldemort.

The Lich King


Marceline was formerly a part of Team Edward, until she actually read and watched the Twilight series.

Edward Cullen
Marceline with Red Eyes


Light-green tinted animal old women who bake apple pie and have a southern accent. Possible relationship.

Tree trunks
Granny Smith

Peppermint Butler is very strange, weird, creepy, etc. He also knows Death. My guess is he is Mr. Creepy Pasta.

Peppermint Butler2

Speaking of Death...

Death RS Death FG

Hunson Abadeer also owns a Giratina.

Lord of evil

Lemongrab and Wildberry Princess are both rejected Annoying Orange characters, along with Happy Appy.

Lemongrab Smile

Abraham Lincoln, as we all know, was the 16th president of the United States.


He got his head on the penny.

Lincoln Penny

He was also still shown to be the president in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Abe Lincoln Billy and Mandy

Then he became a zombie fighter.

Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies

And a vampire hunter.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

He got a film.

Lincoln film

Lincoln was doing well in theaters, though the same could not be said historically.

Lincoln doing stuff

He became King of Mars.

S4e15 Abe Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Then he died on the Sons of Mars episode. Again.

Moar Lincoln
S4e15 Death of Abe

He shall now come back some day, riding an eagle.


That's all for Lincoln.

Lincoln OOO

And much like the snail appears in every episode...

Snail -D

...there is also a snail that appears in every Blue's Clues episode.

Snail Blue's Clues

Clearly they are cousins.

Ricardio being a villain's heart resembles that reaaaaaaaaaaaally old cartoon, Evil con Carne, with the guy's brain and stomach being transferred to a Russian bear after an explosion. That's the first thing that came to mind. Evil body parts.


Ghost Princess plays cards in the 50th dead world with the following ghosts:

  • Flying Dutchman
  • High-Five Ghost
  • Carrie the Ghost
  • Casper
  • Danny Phantom
Flying Dutchman
High Five Ghost Carrie CasperDanny Phantom

Speaking of Danny Phantom, he grew up to be Chip Skylark.


One of his relatives, Jake Long, could turn into dragons like how Danny could turn into ghosts.

Jake Long

These business men right here once worked for Steve Jobs, but before he died, he couldn't let anyone know about his magic freezing ray, so he froze the four workers who found out about it and put them in ice.

Steve Jobs

Professor Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls was sent to create an experiment from the government of a new species capable of sustaining life on Mars.


He decided to create a homosapien with mystical powers to be able to survive on Mars, but before he could do so, a massive war outbreak came out and he accidentally stumbled into chemicals that increased his sword and fighting skill. He became Samurai Jack.

Samurai Jack

Don't believe me?

Professor Utonium = Samurai Jack

He had left the experiment abandoned and forgot to stabilize this creation, the Magic Man. It was given the chaotic powers of Discord, the evilness of The Villain Whose Name Isn't Shirley, and the trolling of Bugs Bunny.

ShirleyBugs Bunny

And thus, he created the person we come to know today as Magic Man.


Flame King, like his daughter, has an ancestry with the Fire Nation, being the ruler Fire Lord Ozai in one of his past lives. He may also have a similar relationship to being related to Father from Codename: Kids Next Door.

Flame King profile image
Ozai Father

Professor Worm, King Worm, and Shelby the Worm are also all related, as they come from the same ancestral worm.

S4 E18 King Worm manipulating coffee mug
Prof WormShelby The Worm Who Lives in Jake's Viola
F&J 15

That worm is the Alaskan Bullworm from Spongebob.

Alaskan Bullworm

He also fathered majority of the other worms seen in the show, including Wormy, Rex, the ear worm, and the worm from Apple World.

Rex Earworm Apple World

NEPTR's father is neither Finn who created him, nor Ice King who gave him power. NEPTR's real dad is actually Stephen Hawking.

10 million

With such intelligence, NEPTR's hard drive became equivalent to that of HAL 9000 and GLaDOS, except he doesn't know it.


The dumb rock from Dad's Dungeon is the son of the dumb rock from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the one that Rarity found to be full of diamonds, and the stupid boulder from Spongebob Squarepants, which drove Spongebob and Squidward home after they delivered the Krusty Krab pizza.

Dumb rock official
Dumb rock Stupid boulder

Rarity also fell in love with the rock's cousin, Tom.

Wattup I got a huge rock

Billy, because he is so very awesome, clearly came from the line of Chuck Norris. Like Norris once did, Billy also fought a bear.

Billy young
Chuck Norris

And finally, Princess Bubblegum...

Princess Bubblegum