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Adventure Time Hurt/Heal Game - Fionna & Cake Edition

Days passed: 62

April 2nd – June 3rd


Basically, four times a day, you can hurt a character, and heal one. For example, if you say "Heal Fionna, hurt Cake," Fionna gains 1 HP, and Cake loses 1 HP. You can now double heal/hurt a character if you want. Every character starts with 10 HP. Last character alive wins. The blog is finished.

First Place

  • Lord Monochromicorn

Lord Monochromicorn

Second Place

  • Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee Day Time

Third Place

  • BMO


Fourth Place

  • Fionna

Fionna design2

Fifth Place

  • Gunter


Characters Dead

  • Tree Trunks with mustache - Killed 2 days in by Karichanx102
  • Ice Queen - Killed 3 days in by Brian camba
  • Muscle Prince - Killed 4 days in by Four4
  • Snail - Killed 5 days in by My leige
  • Ms. Pig - Killed 5 days in by Yami Arashi
  • Female Cinnamon Bun - Killed 7 days in by TheEyeOfAllEyes
  • Prince Gumball - Killed 9 days in by NightFalcon9004
  • Doctor Prince - Killed 11 days in by Brian camba
  • Female Starchy - Killed 19 days in by Nyanpig
  • Ms. Cupcake - Killed 24 days in by SliceTHEcake
  • Flame Prince - Killed 30 days in by NightFalcon9004
  • Lumpy Space Prince - Killed 31 days in by Four4
  • Cake - Killed 33 days in by Four4
  • Gunter - Killed 46 days in by Odaceus
  • Fionna - Killed 58 days in by Odaceus
  • BMO - Killed 61 days in by Gazerkids
  • Marshall Lee - Killed 62 days in by Yogurt Spill

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