In conclusion to A Glitch is A Glitch, I have decided that the best ship Princess Bubblegum can have is shipping PB x PB.

This is not Princess Bubblegum x Peppermint Butler, like some of you strange shippers might want like a weird soap opera. There is only one person suitable for Princess Bubblegum, and that is herself.

Of course, this seems like it might ruin Bubbline for most of you, but it will be a backup for me right now because Princess Bubblegum is clearly in an intimate relationship with herself. Marceline and Bubblegum may not get along enough to try that spark that we've all been dreaming they would have for the PB x Marcy relationship, but the bubblegum princess obviously wants to be in love with herself, so sorry.

It is indeed possible to fall in love with yourself, but which body part did Princess Bubblegum choose to be in love with the most? Her scientific brain? The bubbly organs? That sugar-free heart? No, it has been demonstrated that she had been making out with her hand, making it clear that it is her favorite limb out of any other she had, and that hands are one of the most useful things we as a species have, as many creations could not have been made had it not been for hands, as dogs have gotten nowhere in evolution with no opposable thumbs. You may question yourself whether or not marrying your own hand is even allowed, but as shown here, even Adam West could marry his hand, so why can't Princess Bubblegum?

So, finally, PB will be dating herself, and if she begins hating herself, she will clearly break up with herself (and probably get thrown into the nuthouse for multi-personality disorder), and hopefully she won't get caught cheating with another hand so her relationship may live long and prosper. Unless she's ambidextrous.

Here's that very nice clip caught on film if anyone else missed it:

Princess Bubblegum making out with her hand00:30

Princess Bubblegum making out with her hand