In conclusion, this is all I deduced from such preview:

  • Flame Princess is FINALLY going on an adventure.
  • Flame King can contact through whatever fire in Ooo.
  • Flame Princess can play card games, just like her miniature version did in All Your Fault.
  • Flame Princess wears tinfoil when handling cards, and when sitting on non-fire material couchies.
  • Flame King wants Flame Princess to be evil. REALLY REALLY BADLY. She is now annoyed.
  • Dungeons are lumping everywhere.
  • Flame Princess clearly can't look adorable and not evil in her dress and hairstyle, despite the episode summary.
  • They are going on a dungeon adventure to get her mind off from the evilness.
  • Finn likes holding torches.
  • You do not need a torch when with Flame Princess.
  • Finn has a gauntlet and his demon sword.
  • This dungeon has bones and skeletons, hence the name "Vault of Bones".
  • Jake is staying at home, drinking tea like a limey.
  • Finn should fall into a deep hole at the beginning and the episode can be all about Flame Princess (JK).
  • The episode will be more interesting than the preview, which seems interesting enough.

And now we wait...


Waiting for Vault of Bones...