Pretty sure this'll be the last time I write this kind of blog.

Flame Princess will be making more appearances in season 5 than the last season. I hope that means more character development and interaction with other characters who aren’t just Finn.

Now, since that will happen, any Flame Princess hater should stop complaining about her character. There is just way too much hate for her without any actual legit reasoning. She does not have a “personality of a brick”. That would be Kristen Stewart. Flame Princess has the potential to be a better character. As shown in the previous seasons, an undeveloped character in one season could become greatly developed in the next.

There’s also talk about how you would only like her if she were in more episodes. Then the other trolls say that she shouldn’t be in any more episodes. Make up your freaking minds.

You don’t have to love shipping, but you don’t have to hate the character, either.

You really can’t expect lots of character development when she was just added to the show, and she spent most of her life in a gas lamp imprisonment. Princess Bubblegum made her dad put her in there for being too powerful, then Jake came to court her with Finn. She wasn’t evil, only messed up from being kept in the Fire Kingdom for so long. Obviously, she would get mad since Prince Finn was trying to be with her, then just rejects her for thinking she was evil, resulting in a huge troll. And later, after following Jake back to the house, she had mixed feelings because the real Finn happened to like her again. She also showed signs of curiosity after being in Ooo, like seeing how flowers burn or what water was. Which was apparently pretty painful. Seeing as how Finn accidently hurt her, she didn’t want to be with him and wanted to make her own Fire Kingdom. When they tried to stop her, it inflicted more pain and caused her to begin to leave, making Finn cry. She thought he was a water elemental since he could make water. Therefore, she left, thinking they couldn't be together, not returning until 15 episodes later, when somehow she started going out with Finn. Then, Bubblegum says how she was unstable and all, making people believe she was a walking time bomb. She’s not. PB clearly stated later that she was stabilized. And Ignition Point basically gave her a small role, but it doesn’t mean you should hate her for that. If they didn’t go to Fire Kingdom, Flame King would have been assassinated.

And then there is comparing her character to Princess Bubblegum’s character. After season 4, PB was one of the most developed characters, and you are comparing Flame Princess, who was mainly introduced in the same season, to that. It’s unfair to set high expectations for someone who just came out of captivity, and you are setting her development to someone like PB, who is probably the highest bar on the entire show.

Also, if anyone thinks a Flame Princess fan is annoying for saying how great she is, haters would be just as annoying themselves if they talk about how annoying FP fans are, making a paradox.

Disliking a character because of their fandom is worse than liking a character that would be considered bland. You can’t make fans love a character for their development. We have our own different views on a character, and making people dislike them for your reasons would be unconstitutional.

Plus, Finn doesn’t like it when you disrespect his lady.

Come at me bro