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  • I live in equestria/ponyville
  • I was born on August 18
  • My occupation is pinkamena diane EMO/crazy pie
  • I am Secret :P
  • Nihi The Brony

    Let's pause a while on the shipping and talk about something else :).. so the Voting in community choice award is  finally over and Adventure time is nominated in the category.... im not surprised that Adventure time reached the top 5 best of 2012 Tv series, Beating gravity falls , star wars ,'s effort paid off. Really im very impressed on how Adventure time evolve throughout it's season.. it really deseved a higher place than 5th. You?.. what's your oppinion about Adventure time being 5th place, does it deseve more than 5 th place?, what methods do the fandom needs to increased the ranking of adventure time in the next competition? :) 

    Place your opinions in the comments :)

    Site of the winners: Results

    Votes: Votes

    Fifth place?..

    I rea…

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  • Nihi The Brony

    Ok i've been thinking about this for a long time.... Before I'll leave the wiki (Because of college and stuff -_-) I've decided to leave a gift for you guys and to make my leave a memoriable one....Some of you might like it and some might not...But this gift im leaving, is a sign of my appreciation to you guys,for how great and wonderful you guys are.....You guys are really meant a lot to me....You guys were like my family..Especially you ShanelySparkle You really light up my world,I LOVE YOU and you too PyGmAlion, You, Sir is one very..very good friend and Now for my gift,Im Gladly to say that starting from now.......


    -------Thank you guys for all the time we've spent hope to see you again soon

    •From yours…

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  • Nihi The Brony

    This is my last blog. I wrote this in hope that others will see my story. Everything I've done on the wiki has been both good and bad. But others will only see the bad over the good. Here is a story left in messages I made for others and what they said.

    Saber please please please i am sorry for what i had did please i admited it to u please saber please. god please let me back saber i will do anything anything to get back on the wiki i will never do anything like that again. i can't even type right because i am scared. i will do anything to come back. i will make god edits and be nice to everyone. please please god.

    my heart is beating i can't think strait right now i am very sad saber i will do anything u want i wish that this was over sabe…

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  • Nihi The Brony

    I've been into music lately, it's making when hearing some and I wanted to know what songs/music you like? It can be any songs, 'Bemanii songs,Anime songs/Opening,Official songs,Etc...' You can Post as much as you like :) ... So What's your favorite song/music? and oh when posting your favorite Tunes,if you dont mind,pls put a link :)

    Here are some songs I like:

    1) No Sleep (By Wiz Khazifa)

    2) Secrets(original) /Secrets(Tesla Coil ver. I prefer this one) (One Republic)

    3) Young,Wild and Free (By Snoop Dogg ft. Wiz Khalifa)

    4) Welcome to the Black Parade (By My Chemical Romance)

    5) Your call (By Secondhand Serenade)

    6) Pretty Girls (By Iyaz ft. Travie McCoy)

    7) The Show Goes On (By Lupe Fiasco)

    8) It Will Rain (By Bruno Mars)

    9) Rocketeer (By Far East Mov…

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