Let's pause a while on the shipping and talk about something else :).. so the Voting in community choice award is  finally over and Adventure time is nominated in the category.... im not surprised that Adventure time reached the top 5 best of 2012 Tv series, Beating gravity falls , star wars ,'s effort paid off. Really im very impressed on how Adventure time evolve throughout it's season.. it really deseved a higher place than 5th. You?.. what's your oppinion about Adventure time being 5th place, does it deseve more than 5 th place?, what methods do the fandom needs to increased the ranking of adventure time in the next competition? :) 

Place your opinions in the comments :)

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Fifth place?..

I really think it needs to be more..

Twilight_sexy_lady.gif ★Ponystyle★ Derpy_STyle.gif 10:11, January 6, 2013 (UTC)