aka D`eanne

  • I live in Auuustrallia
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is Super Ninja
  • I am girrll
  • NinjaPrincess

    In the year 2012, a llama vs jellyfish war broke out in the AT chat. Huge potato blasters and ninjas were used to fight and train with the llamas and Jellysheilds, mk 3's and jelly guns were used to train to fight with the talking jellyfishes. Andre787 lead the jellyfish nation while NinjaPrincess lead the llama nation. The origins of how this war started is when NinjaPrincess recruited people to ninjaly train the llamas and fight with potato blasters for a surprise attack against Andre787 who she suspected of taking her sandwhich she made extremely talentedly and could not replace it because it had peanut butter on it (her favourite) There was epic electrifyingly jelly stings and potatoe blasts and then all the jelly fish died because theā€¦

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