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Adventure time with Finn and Fionna!! by FionnaFan

In the land of AAA our heros Fionna and Cake visit Prince Gumball

'Fionna: 'Hey Gumball what do you want now?

PG: I want to show you my latest invention "The Portal to OOO!"

Cake: Umm where is OOO? sounds weird

PG: Just come with me i'll show you--

Marshallee: WAIT! where you guys goin'?

Fionna: We're gonna go to The land of OOO.

Marshallee: Sounds neat let's go!

So while they jumped into the portal The Ice Queen stumbled upon the Candy Kingdom and fell down to the portal


Cake: Huh? Where are we?

Fionna: No idea, mabye we can ask that dude.

'Finn:' Hi My name's Finn your in the land of OOO

Jake: And im Jake mabye we can take you to the Tree fort? Follow me

Fionna: Sounds neat let's go!


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