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Adventure time with Finn and Fionna!! by FionnaFan Part 3


Ice Queen: Where in AAA am I??? Gunter, that is really you? wow your fat.

Ice King: GUNTHER!! YOUR EMBARRISING ME!!!! Oh a princess <3

Ice Queen: I'm not a princess!! I'm an ICE QUEEN!!!!!

Ice King: Well,you know what they say Queens are better than princesses,I'm the Ice King i like kidnapping princesses.

Ice Queen: Kidnapping huh? *cackling madly*


Fionna: Soo, where are we going now?

Finn: We're going to pass by The Candy Kingdom then we're going to Marceline's house.

Cake: Ok, Jake have any leftovers in there?

Jake: Umm lemme check *checking bag* Just a few left.Hey there's the Candy Kingdom!

So they ran to the Candy Kingdom and asked eachother why it became bigger

PG: Hey Fionna! Like the changes here?

Fionna: Gumball It's amazing!!

PB: So i see you met Finn and Jake

Finn: Hey PB Do you have any instruments thats not made out of candy?

PB: Hmm mabye I do *checking instrument room* All i have is a guitar, a violin, and a keyboard

Fionna: I'm just gonna take the keyboard.

So they ran to the cave of Marceline, little did they know that Marshal lee was there too


(NOTE: part 4 will be coming soon)

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