Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vas happenin'?!

Been a long time, right? Anyway, gonna tell the good newz and the bad newz

The Good newz

Well, tomorrow, I'm gonna be released from prison and be free! (As in, I'm going back to chat) But if your reading this on Nov. 1 well, you better check:
Enter the chat!>

Next, y'all remember my brother CinnammonBun (or as you call him CB) Is still alive, he just wanted me to tell you that in chat but i said "Hey bro, I was banned by Saber for nothin'" So he said "oh"

OMG!!!!!!!! BIG NEWZ, VERY VERY BIG NEWZ!!! There will finally be AN ADVENTURE TIME THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! Believe me, I saw it personally in FB, this dude is gonna voice Jake I forgot the name

The Bad newz

eheheh, yeah, ummm, you see, uhhh, i think The MLP war II is gonna come again, because WHOO umm, I'm a sisny (The female version of *gulp* brony) It all started with CB

I'm not gonna be visiting AT wiki that much, I'm kinda busy in the family buisness and YouTube, for the family buisness, my cousins are having this sickness called Dengue (Caused by aeges mosquito) and they got rushed to he hospital so I have to visit them, plus I have to go to school so ehehehe, and for Youtube, is because I'm so busy with my account because I'm seriously sensitive of being hijacked, plus i'm a pure directioner so i'll watch One Direction Video Diaries eventually.

and i wasn't really there in chat last Nov. 1 because SABER EXPANDED IT i think he made it permantent, so now im going to make a NEW account, it's not sockpuppeting, i just wanted to change my username =)

well, that pretty much it! BYE!


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