Hey guys consider this really bad news

Im not aloud to chat anymore :( so i cant talk aboutz stuff i bet the Mods are happy

so is anyone in my list below is reading this im gonna miss you guys, but we can still talk about stuff at my talk page right?

List of people i will really miss

  • Finn the human kid
  • Ewanwithlazers
  • Nihi
  • Princess Bubblegummie (I have no idea how you got in to my list O.o)
  • Jan the Human
  • Marceline The Radical Dame
  • Adventure Master
  • Andre
  • Jordan (A.K.A Ruby Flame)
  • PyGymlion
  • Me-mow
  • Iamnikulit
  • The Lemon Killer
  • WaterPrincess

I hope you miss me back? ;( but to light the spirits up how bout a video?

What Time Is It? (Adventure Time Remix)02:49

What Time Is It? (Adventure Time Remix)

Mabye A video to lighten up the spirits? ;)

Your funny and wild friend,FionnaFan (note: ROCK ON!)