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If FP married Finn


dong dong dong goes the wedding bells,crowds gather going in a church,1 of them mutter "She is a lucky girl!"

while others say "She's marrying The Hero!'. Who is getting married you ask? It's Flame princess and Finn,Jake and Lady Rainicorn finally arrived Jake said "Congratulations, Finn! You reached *sniffle* Tier 13!" Finn replies "Thanks man i hope she doesn't delay XD" Lady says "축하합니다! 당신은 자랑 새 아내 메신저를 받았습니다!" Finn confusely replies "Thanks Lady?" everyone went inside Jake and Finn went to the Back, "I'm glad you're here bro,I thought I was nothing without you" "You're lucky you picked me as you Groom's Man" they went inside Jake gave Finn and FP some privacy, "Umm, PB thank you , you can leave now" Fp shooed her , PB just smiled and left, "Well this is our special day my fiery cupcake" Finn says "Yeah, I'm so excited!" Fp replies "Let's go now", THAW THAW THAW goes the big bells, everyone stops talking and looks at the back. The entourage begun everyone started to cheer, when they saw the beautiful bride, gracefully nearly burning the carpet.Shelby the one who lives in Jake's Viola starts the Mass or the Sacrament of Love. 1 hour later Shelby shouts out "HERE IS A NEW COUPLE!" everybody cheers! People throw flowers, constantly lettinf FP burn the flowers! The crowd dabs their handkerchief to their eyes, they start tearing up, and soon they cry! Then suddenly, Finn was transformed, "FINN YOUR A HALF FIRE ELEMENT!" PB shouts out Finn says "I know!" and then they rode, on a fiery pegasis,



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