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MLP taking over Earth

Ok i admit it I hate MLP i changed my profile pic and this is my 2nd time i tried to post it but ended up erasing the other one so yeah let me do the really short version anyway I changed my pic because I want to show my Friends who's pics are ponies i want to show them i care for them so yeah back to MLP

First Day

I saw Marceline the Radical Dame's profile is a pony i started to say "Naw at least it's just just 1"

The Next day

I saw BLAUGH's profile is a pony I started to freak out


I saw Saber's profile is a pony i said to myself "WHAT IS UP WITH THE PONIES??"


I saw a blog that says "What is up with the Ponies pic?" saw i clicked t and saw the number of ppl who has a profile pic as a pony even Jordan and Princess Bubblegummie is there so i fainted

Yeah it is true EVERYTHING is true thank you saw I changed my pic for fun too O.o

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