People cruel enough to harm the Earth

People!! Remember that God made human beings! So why not you care about the planet where you live in? Do you remember how God gifted us the Earth? Do you remember about Jesus who died just to save us all? You must remember this:

"Even little hands can change the world"

" Even Humans can destroy the Earth,the planet we live in"

So why cant we do good deeds??

10 Values we MUST do

  1. Please, stop throwing your trash in the canals,river, ETC.!
  2. Don't excessivly cut trees down
  3. Plant a tree or Adopt a Tree
  4. Don't keep wild animals (monkeys,snakes,ETC) as pets, they can even die
  5. Remember the 3 Rs "REDUCE,REUSE,RECYCLE"
  6. Save the animals
  7. Build shelter for the poor, or do charity (or you could donate)
  8. Prevent earth,air & water pollution
  9. Please use organic soil for planting (like dried-up plants and the dirty of the animals) and please dont make land into condimiums; and finally

'Sincerely,' Chibi Ninja by hejthenerdThe way o the SWORD Stealth is the key Ninja'd Chibi Ninja by hejthenerd09:54, September 15, 2012 (UTC)

Do you care about Earth? Why or why not?

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