Ok so i decided to make a contest WHOEVER gets to have the MOST awesome profile EVA! would win a prize

The Grand prize: You may say anything about me there I said it ANYTHING!

1st Runner up: A spot to join the Seizar Family!

2nd Runner-Up: You may say something about my friends


If you want to join this contest say "Bring it on!" and I will add you to my list, Remember when you make your profile it must have a title that says: "Profile (insert your username)" so I know where to look. Also if I approved that you WILL join the contest it must have:

  1. VIDEOS Make it something about AT
  2. PICTURES Pictures needed: Finn and Fionna, Cake and Jake, and Marceline and Marshall lee
  3. ABOUT YOU so ppl get to know you better insert your fave ep. of AT, fave video or fave pic
  4. SOMETHING YOU DESPERATELY WANT TO SAY TO ME So that i know what your feelings are

Remember you have to tell me why you must join this contest ALL mean comments will be deinied to enter the contest GOOD LUCK!

Yours, FionnaFan 01:42, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

List of ppl who is gonna join: