k here are the tiers Jake explained (yup made some up)


  1. Hugging
  2. Smoochin
  3. MOAR smoochin
  4. on a DATE
  5. learn her 15 secrets (made this up cuz i didnt know)
  6. MOAR date
  7. Dinner!
  8. touch her umm horns (i dont want to say what is FP's horns BRRR)
  9. MAKE UP
  10. break up :(
  11. MAKE UP
  12. lovely poem (dunno why they made a poem on Tier 2)
  14. EXTREEMMME romance
  15. ULTIMATE SOURCE OF ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (no wonder Jake didnt want Finn to go here)

and here are some PROOF Fp loves Finn

  1. incendium: when Fp heard that Finn likes her she blushed
  2. Hot to the Touch; HUGGIN!!! TIER 1 WARNING!!
  3. Burning Low: TIER 2 BABY!

THAT IS DE PROOF do not make mean comments