I suddenly had this great idea for an adventure time video game:

it should be on the wii and DS. It should be about a very evil entity taking over Ooo.


you would use the use the nunchuck for the wii. A would make the character jump, B would make the character punch. For the DS it's basically the same. Forwii you would use the motion functions todo certsin things ( Jakes stretchy powers, The ice king frozen ice bolts). And for the DS you would draw different symbols for different abilities


The starter characters should be Finn and Jake. Then you unlock new characters like Beemo, Marceline, the Ice king and Princess bubblegum. There would also be super secret unlockable character like the worm king and other princesses

Graphics and design

the graphics should look just like those from righteous quest. Just like the cartoons. The game itself should be a platform game but not too much like righteous quest but it might want to feature some levels from it. It should have a map and 8 different worlds.