I am back with another useless game blog I stole from a wiki. (with permissison of course)

Basically this is an idea I saw on another wiki and decided to copy it but add a few of my own twists. Imagine that there is a hill which is waiting to be claimed. To claim the hill you must say "My Hill" or "MH" and give a reason. Whoever claims the hill the most times after a certain point (which I will decide) will be the King of AT Hill. You can join in at any point by the way.


  • To end your comment, say "My hill" to claim the hill (or even MH).
  • No teams, i.e. no secret alliances.
  • You can only comment again after three other users have commented since your last post/an hour has past since your last post.
  • Each time you claim the hill you must give a reason too. Eg: "I claim this hill because I want to build my own candy kingdom on it. MH!"
  • Your "my hill" comment has to have something directly related to AT in it.

I will keep track of how many times you comment. Last person to have the most claimed hills when. Time is up when I decide.