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    Quotes, Quotes, Quotes

    October 20, 2012 by Nommyzombies

    Hi guys, Nommeh here, and this is my 3rd blog! (I am still writing AT Arena) Anywho, I have been watching a TON of Adventure Time, and noticed some really funny quotes! I knew the show was funny before, but after rewatching some of the episodes, it seems I noticed more funny quotes. So I am going to list some of the main characters, and post my fav. quotes for them. Then, you guys can post your fav. quotes for the characters using my template, or you can add someone.


    "NO Stephanie! You cannot cheat on Tony with me!"

    "OH. MY. GLOB."

    "Ohmyglob, look at those luscious lips! I gotta go lick up the rest of that formula!"

    "My formula is gonna cure tha' zombies, cause I made the prettiest formula!"

    "Get the lump outta here!"

    "These lumps aren't for…

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  • Nommyzombies

    AT Arena!

    October 6, 2012 by Nommyzombies

    Okay, this is my second blog, and I was thinking.... I have been re-reading the Hunger Games (amazing book!) and was wondering if I could somehow combine the 2. So I am going to have a like an AT Hunger Games! Rules and stuff will be below!

    A.) All you have to do is say, I want to enter, or something that shows me you would like to join. Then I will add your username to a list. Below that list, will be AT characters. I am going to have around 14, so there are 14 spots open. I am using to decide who gets who.

    B.) Then, I am going to write the games! You are going to be like a mentor! You have to tell them what to do in the comments. And you can send them items they need to survive. If you don't, they might die ;P

    C.) No requesting.


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  • Nommyzombies

    So! I decided to post this birthday game, and I got....

    Found Ice Queen breaking into your house while poking your face in a mad manner! o.o XD

    What month is your birthday?

    January: Eats a bunch of cake with ___.

    February: Is handcuffed (for life)with ___.

    March: Gets married to ___.

    April: ___ slaps you in the face 5 times.

    May: ___ proposes to you.

    June: Stuck on a dessert island with ___.

    July: Found ___ breaking into your house.

    August: ___ brutally murders you.

    September: ___ saves you from Godzilla.

    October: ___ is jealous of you.

    November: Created 10,000 clones of ___.

    December: You and ___ are mortal enimies.

    The day?

    1: Jake

    2: Lumpy Space Princess

    3: Princess Bubblegum

    4: Gunter

    5: Prince Gumball

    6: Ash (Marceline's X-Boyfriend)

    7: Lord Monochromicorn

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