Okay, this is my second blog, and I was thinking.... I have been re-reading the Hunger Games (amazing book!) and was wondering if I could somehow combine the 2. So I am going to have a like an AT Hunger Games! Rules and stuff will be below!


A.) All you have to do is say, I want to enter, or something that shows me you would like to join. Then I will add your username to a list. Below that list, will be AT characters. I am going to have around 14, so there are 14 spots open. I am using to decide who gets who.

B.) Then, I am going to write the games! You are going to be like a mentor! You have to tell them what to do in the comments. And you can send them items they need to survive. If you don't, they might die ;P

C.) No requesting.


E.) I will write when I can!

F.) Have fun, and SURVIVE, there will be other... problems.

Arena Tributes!

2. Brozoco
3. FinnAwesome
4. Adventuer Bullet
5. Fionna the Hero
6. Alex040401
7. 27finnsprincess
8. Suprsilver
9. Inunekogirl
10. Contributor #1
11. Beemo143
12. Happy Smoothie
13. Blugo34
14. Contributor #2


Name User Status Health Weapon Allies Kills
Finn Alex040401 Alive %100 Sword (can vary)
Jake Beemo143 Alive %100

Magical Stretchyness (can vary)

Marceline FTHG Alive %100 Bass Axe 1
PB Fionna the Hero Dead %0 Science (can vary) N/A 0
Flame Princess 27finnsprincess Alive %100 Flames (can vary) 1
LSP Blugo34 Alive %100 Magical Lumps; Spiked Mace
Lady R Contributor #1 Alive %100 Rainbow Abilities (can vary)
B-MO Inunekogirl Alive %100 Technology (can vary)
Fionna Suprsilver Alive %100 Sword (can vary)
Cake FinnAwesome Alive %100

Magical Stretchyness (can vary)

Lich Adventuer Bullet Alive %100 Dark Magic (can vary)
Lemongrab Brozoco Dead %0 Long Spear N/A 0
Me-Mow Happy Smoothie Alive %100 Dagger; Poison (can vary)
Ice King Contributor #2 Alive %100 Frost Magic (can vary)

Alright, has chosen your tributes! The games will be up soon.

Death Chart

Place: Name Killed by? Died How? User
14th Princess Bubblegum Flame Princess Burnt to death Fionna the Hero
13th Lemongrab Marceline Axed in back Brozoco

The AT Games!

Arena: Land of Ooo


Ice Kingdom

Candy Kingdom


Lumpy Space

City of Thieves

City of Wizards


Day 1


Marceline's POV

I was in totally control. As my sugar cookie lifted me into an unknown area, I knew something. There are people out there, that are my friends... my friends, that I am going to have to kill. But I also knew that once I won... I could go home, but what is home... without friends?

Finally, I came out into the open. I knew where we were. We were all in a circle wrapped around a huge honey crusted horn, with supplies spilling out of it. I looked around, it was nearing nightfall, so the falling sun made everything shimmer. We were at the old, Wizbattle arena.... Then I saw it.. shimmering in the dusky light. It was my bass axe, laid upon a box of cupcakes.




I felt a sudden heat come upon me, and noticed Flame Princess on the cookie next to me. Her glimmer blinded my left side slighty, so I looked to my right. Finn was in postion to run to the nearest sword he saw.



Sorry guys...


Everyone, excluding Lemongrab, B-MO, and Jake ran toward the honey glazed horn. LSP discovered a spiked mace, and flung it sprialing at Bubblegum. It cleaved into her shoulder, and she cried out in pain. She stuggled to pull it out, but it was logded in the sticky mess. LSP floated quickly over, and yanked it out. I was nearing my axe when Flame Princess shot a round of molten fireballs randomly in the fighting crowd. One hit right in the middle of LSP and Bubblegum's fight. It hit the ground, and flames grazed the grass around Bubblegum. She shook with pain, terrible shrieks escaping her. Her sugar started to condense, first little trickles, then a puddle. LSP looked around alert, grabbed a pack with water, and floated into one of the small exits of the arena. Finn started to try and put out the fires, which was burning supplies. I finally reached my axe.

The smell of burning candy filled my nose, the flames wrapped around the horn like a protective veil. Flame Princess had fled, leaving the mess. Bubblegum's screams finally silenced, and she was now a dead, pink puddles, wrapped in orange flames. One down already. I looked for the nearest exit when a small, sharp pain flew across my calf, then another across my lower back. Me-Mow was jumping around so quickly, I could not get in a clear shot. Finally, she hissed, and fled the arena.

Lemongrab, who I had thought ran away when the gong sounded, was screaming manically, coming at me with a long spear. I became alert, and steadied my stance. When he was about to cleave me in the abdomen, I swirled behind him, and flung the axe into his back. A sour, sticky spray spewed from the open cut, and a yellow gush trinkled down. His was screaming erotically. I finally stuck him once more, and he fell over, twitching. I looked around, and the flames dispurted. Everyone had fled the arena while I was fighting Lemongrab. Then, an idea traced my mind. This would make a perfect camp. I hovered into the honey horn, and noticed all the supplies the tributes neglected to get. All mine...

The smell of sticky lemons, and burnt candy filled my nose as I laid down to sleep. The night sky was filled with twinkling stars. Right when I was drifting into sleep, the cannons sounded for the 2 tributes, marking the end of the bloodbath, and the end of the first day.



Day 2