So! I decided to post this birthday game, and I got....

Found Ice Queen breaking into your house while poking your face in a mad manner! o.o XD

The Birthday Game!

What month is your birthday?

January: Eats a bunch of cake with ___.

February: Is handcuffed (for life)with ___.

March: Gets married to ___.

April: ___ slaps you in the face 5 times.

May: ___ proposes to you.

June: Stuck on a dessert island with ___.

July: Found ___ breaking into your house.

August: ___ brutally murders you.

September: ___ saves you from Godzilla.

October: ___ is jealous of you.

November: Created 10,000 clones of ___.

December: You and ___ are mortal enimies.

The day?

1: Jake

2: Lumpy Space Princess

3: Princess Bubblegum

4: Gunter

5: Prince Gumball

6: Ash (Marceline's X-Boyfriend)

7: Lord Monochromicorn

8: Neptr

9: Finn

10: Marshall Lee

11: The Duke of Nuts

12: Flame Princess

13: Ice queen

14: Tree Trunks

15: B-MO

16: Party Pat

17: Lady Rainicorn

18: Flambo

19: Dancing Bug

20: King Worm

21: Ice King

22: Goliad

23: Flame Prince

24: Me-Mow

25: The Lich

26: Hot Dog Princess

27: Fionna

28: Lumpy Space Prince

29: Marceline

30: Cake

31: Pendleton Ward (creator of Adventure Time)

Color of the shirt you are wearing now?

Red: ...while dancing on a plane.

Blue: ...while yelling " IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIFE!!"

Yellow: ...while poking your face.

Green: ...while eating 5 burgers at the same time.

White: ...while a car crash is happening in the background.

Black: ...while combing her/his hair.

Orange: ...while talking on the phone.

Purple: ...while you're both sleeping.

Pink: ...while she/he is insane.

Grey: ...while wearing a hat.

Tan: ...while in space.

Multiple Colors: ...while defeating an evil monkey that hides in your closet.

What shade?

Dark shade: a happy manner.

Light shade: a mad manner.

Dirty: a confused manner.

Clean: a exited manner.

Ripped: a sad manner.

Brand New: ...while being dead.

Comment what you got below! ;3