Hi guys, Nommeh here, and this is my 3rd blog! (I am still writing AT Arena) Anywho, I have been watching a TON of Adventure Time, and noticed some really funny quotes! I knew the show was funny before, but after rewatching some of the episodes, it seems I noticed more funny quotes. So I am going to list some of the main characters, and post my fav. quotes for them. Then, you guys can post your fav. quotes for the characters using my template, or you can add someone.



"NO Stephanie! You cannot cheat on Tony with me!"


"Ohmyglob, look at those luscious lips! I gotta go lick up the rest of that formula!"

"My formula is gonna cure tha' zombies, cause I made the prettiest formula!"

"Get the lump outta here!"

"These lumps aren't for sell BILLY!"

"I-I gotta go Melissa, they-they got into my toliet paper."

"Ohmyglob you guys! Drama Bomb!"

"My name is Dutchess Gummi Buns..."

"Where is all the food? It is like a poor peoples castle, I need some waffles for meh drump truck!"

"Brad! He kissed me on the mouth! And I was all like, RACH RACH, and he was all like, I know your not ready for my babe.."

"Get in touch with your feelings babe! If you want these lumps, you gotta put a ring on it!"

(There are so many more, but I am gonna move on!)

Ice King-

"I hope they think I am fun..."

"AHHHH! I have soiled my tunic completely by choice."

"Only I can suck the life from my penguins...expect maybe polar bears, cause that is just nature Gunter."

"Play it, or I will squeeze you into juice!"

"I am the ice king, I am the king of C-C-cool!"

"Fat! Fat! Fat! Daddy's little fatty. Oh, you'll never get a prom date with all that tub on your face, you know?"

"Finish him off, my semi loyal pet!"

"Gunter who told you you could fly?"

"Finn, you have destroyed my faith in canned peanut brittle."

"These bars wont hold me forever! Hey, there's like only two of them.."

more to come. (TBC)