This is all from iammattie on Tumblr, I did not wright any of this, I am simply copying and pasting it:

"Tumblr, I realize that you are almost all against the internet bullying fad. You all realize words can be painful and send people over the edge. June 11th Nancy Grace aired a segment where she completely trashed a neglectful mother who lost her child due to accidently smothering it while passed out intoxicated. The thing is, while the mother was not in the right by being neglectful, the situation could have happened even if she wasn’t intoxicated. Nancy’s words sent her over the edge to setting herself on fire and committing suicide

Maria Phillips, Medrano’s younger sister, said Medrano was “shaking and couldn’t take a breath” as she watched Grace’s show. “She got depressed and said life wasn’t worth living. She said she couldn’t live with herself.” This is not the first time Nancy Grace’s words sent someone to suicide, there was another similar case in 2006 where a woman shot herself.

So, what can we do about it? Two things. Click THIS LINK and request Nancy Grace be removed from the air. Also, completely boycott Turner Broadcasting. They are the ones paying for a bully to have her own television show. Please refrain from watching any channel owned by them, visiting any of their websites, or buying any of their products until Nancy Grace is removed from the air.

The Channels include

  • CNN
  • TNT
  • TCM
  • Cartoon Network
  • Boomerang
  • Adult Swim
  • Tooncast
  • Cartoonito
  • Pogo
  • TruTV
  • TBS
  • CNN International
  • HLN
  • NBA TV
  • CNN
  • IBN
  • CNN en Espanol
  • CNN Chile
  • CNN Arabic
  • CNNj
  • n-tv
  • I-Sat

Turner Broadcasting is only one subsidiary of the larger Time Warner empire, however a full on blackout of an entire branch of the company ought to send out the message. I realize a lot of you enjoy Adventure Time and Regular Show and giving up Cartoon Network might be a hassle, but please realize a humans life is more important than watching a cartoon. If it comes down to it I’m sure those cartoons along with many other programs on these channels can be streamed/downloaded from outside sources that won’t profit the people employing a murderer. (for legal reasons I’m going to state that those sources could possibly be illegal and I will not give any links to them if asked, and I’m not encouraging illegal activity. If you find a legal way to do it, then have fun.) If you have yet to hear about the story you can read it and see the clip HERE. Please help participate in the boycott, please send messages through the link posted, please spread the word by reblogging this post, please get this murdering bully removed from the air."