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RIP Adventure Time

For every great show, there is an end, and it is now for Adventure Time. As far as I can tell, the end came when Larry Leichliter left the show in February 2013. Leichliter has been in the business since 1975, and produced ChalkZone and directed The Fairly OddParents, as well as working on SpongeBob. Leichliter’s career can be seen on his IMDB page. The show has been pretty awful since then, with the exception of Simon & Marcy, which actually made sense and added to the mythology of Ooo. Of course, that was also Rebecca Sugar’s last episode, so the end seems to be at hand. There’s more on all of this at The Land of Ooo Community. Maybe they’ve just spread themselves too thin with the comics and video games, but whatever the reason, I have little hope for the consistently fine work of the past. Rest in peace AT, and ChalkZone, I miss you too!

ChalkZone Episode 103 - The Wiggies Rapunzel Hair to Stay Coming to Life23:25

ChalkZone Episode 103 - The Wiggies Rapunzel Hair to Stay Coming to Life


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