SO... how was the episode?

i thought it was pretty good..left a lot of questions go unanswered...i like tht..:)

wht questions do U have unanswered? :O

  • Do u think Finn is meant to be with FP, or is it just a little crush, tht they go out for a while, but then they decide to break up?
  • Who do u think Finn is meant to be with?
  • From a scale from 1-10, how would u rate this episode? : o

tht's all i got for now...:)

i got other questions for y'all:

  • What do questions do YOU think will be answered in the upcoming season?
  • What do you want to happen in Season 4? (which is not the series finale) (some people mistaked this as the series finale)

tht's it 4 now! :D