Hey guys, me and YS are making a fanfic and need helpers. We have not decided how many slots are open though. Here's what plot we have thought of so far:

We are test subjects in a science labatory being tested on for a repelant for radioactivity. After the the bombs come down and kill all of the scientists, we escape. Each of us have a pet with a unique power/ weapon. Mine is going to be a turtle named Biscotti, with a turret on his back and YS has a cat named Basil that's power has not been decided. We all have different rivals including a hyooman outcast thats a cyborg (mine) and a acrobatic creep with crazy sword skills (YS's). We all each have a weapon mine being a sword and YS's being a shield with sharp edges. Me and YS all of our pet's should have names refering to food.

Users in fanfic:

User (name in fanfic) (pet= name) Weapon

  • Oda (Oda) (turtle= Biscotti) sword
  • YS (not decided) (cat= Basil) sharp-edged sheild
  • FTHG (Ava) (chinchilla= sugar) scythe
  • Img027

    FTHG’s character concept

    Beemo (Dylan) (Bunny= Cinnamon) hand-to-hand combat
  • Magma Princess (Lila) (Lizard= Pie) staff
  • 27Finnsprincess (Kita) (Snake= Burger) archery
  • Shojo-chan cat (Dicey) (Owl= Tea) crossbow
  • Happy Smoothie (Carmen) (Racoon= butters) shurikens
  • Pyroblaze647 (Pyro) (Bear cub=Gispacho)
  • RedChan (Chan) (Ferrets=Salt & Pepper) Dual daggers
  • Josh (---) (dog= Hushpuppy) 2h Hammer

This is just a basic idea so we hope to hear from you guys,



Sorry, we are not taking any more requests for characters. If you want, you can just give ideas for plot. Thanks,


Screen shot 2012-11-17 at 7.12.26 PM

Basic character concepts