Hey guys! So this is my first post on wiki and I'm really excited. So basically I'm going to add lots of stuff on my page, Articles, polls,

blah blah blah.

i don't know why, but I cant stop smiling

And trust me, your goanna have the time of your lives. I have many other works, mostly hard cover, but this isn’t my first time working online, so trust me when I say “trust me”. Well anyway since this is my first post I’ll tell you a little bit about myself, but this would be the first and last time I'm posting articles that have to do with me, this is all about you and cartoons. Yes, I said cartoons, my post are going to be about cartoons, comics, anime e.t.c so if your not interested you can stop reading now –but I bet if you follow my post you’ll change your mind and fall in love cartoons. Ok so now iv said all that, hers a little something about my life My names oge something something okafor, I can’t spell the rest, I'm African and ur native names can be a real pain in the tongue and paper but you can call me Oge or Empress. That’s not my name but I shore wish it was I'm 15 born on june 5th I love, and I mean L O V E cartoons (it's just a thing that runs through my blood, kinda like vampire venom. I lone basically every type of cartoons but I basically dwell on Adventure time(my No 1 bae), Ninjago, avatar and every other cartoon(I just can leave any cartoon behind, there all so awesome!!!!) I do series and movies, so if you have any questions just Hola. Well that’s it for this article, but just get ready for a blast. This first article might sound boring but trust me I'm a living, walking imagination

                                                                                                                   --Oge xo (talk) 23:08, December 25, 2015 (UTC)Empress out X