Snail S2E24-tr

The snail.....what is he planning?

So as many of us know,the next episode is about the Lich.The last time we saw the Lich,he was destroyed by Finn.However, the snail that he possessed was not.In "In Your Footsteps",it is revealed that the snail has hatched a plan which involves the Enchiridion.So that got me thinking:what could he be planning?

I have a theory:The Enchiridion was discovered before the Mushroom War.It somehow managed to survive the War ,meaning that it could contain magic.The magic could be needed in a spell to revive the Lich.

If you have any other theories,please write it down in the comments.

What does the Lich want with it?

The Lich King

The Lich

S4 E26 The Lich's head

The Lich in Finn's nightmare