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    Posted this on Reddit, no one there noticed it so I thought I'd post here too.

    So in "The Lich" they go around Ooo taking gems out of all the "crowns of power". The Ice King's crown was an obvious - it gives him magic of course, makes sense it'd be a "crown of power". But what about all the other princesses? They never are shown using magic because of the crown.

    And then here comes another question: If the gems in the Ice King's crown are magic themselves, and part of the Enchiridon's magical key to opening portals... how? The gems obviously existed before the Mushroom War, as the Enchiridon did (as we learn in I Remember You with Simon Petrikov, the future Ice King, having it in the newspaper clipping) and it seems the Ice King's gems were …

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    So I got a fanfiction over on with not many reviews, and I'd really like to see more people reading it so I can get more feedback on how to make it better.

    So here's a link to the fanfiction, in the hopes of people actually reading it now:

    Reviews would be very appreciated!

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