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  • I was born on September 15
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  • Owey

    Pajama Wars discussion thread

    January 12, 2015 by Owey

    So, new episode just aired, thoughts about this new and more liberal PB and her sparking relationship with Finn right now? And what about Mr. Cupcake's mighty biceps lol. 

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  • Owey

    What is Magic Man trying to do?

    November 27, 2014 by Owey

    He's always casting weird spells on Finn and Jake and changing their realities, it's like he's trying to teach some moral lessons or giving some kind of training for something very bad that'll happen so they can overcome it.

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  • Owey


    I'd be a random travelling salesman wandering around Ooo selling my stuff.

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  • Owey

    Is it possible

    September 28, 2014 by Owey

    What if the show ends before it show any detail about what happened after the war? Instead of going on a detailed way, the show end depicting a symbolical way where Finn is "fulfilled", a NGE type of ending. It's noticeable that the show evolved a lot from a simplistic cartoon with good vs evil morals and random plots (although it was really awesome during the first seasons because of that) to what it is now: a pretty different show.

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  • Owey

    Hello, just like many of you, i'm a big fan of Adventure Time, and i'm pretty astonished about the changing of cartoon's focus and the characters' POV, i know many will critize me, but this is getting pretty weird and anticlimactic, tho.

    Now, Lemongrab is almost portrayed as a psycho, and he used to be a different guy, but still a guy with reasons, Finn is getting more selfish since the episode "Too Old", he's focusing on sillier things while PB is the only one, in my opinion, that can understand how the personality of the other main characters have been changing, also the shipping is just growing more and more (but i wouldn't say it's a problem, since it makes the show more "salty" instead of that perfect image of a hero thing and his partn…

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