We all know that Joshua and Margaret were walking in the woods when, suddenly, they found Finn and then adopted him. But, what would happen if the story was changed, and Finn hadn't met Jake's parents?

PS: English Grammar doesn't fit here.

EDIT: For all those people that say that Finn wouldn't survive in the wilderness, here's a fun fact: Finn acquired his hat (his first hat) after skinning a bear in the woods when he was a baby. Well, this is not such a reasonable thing, but it was taken from Pen Ward, we can't argue with that. But, probably Finn killed the bear when he was sleeping.

Another interesting fact is that Finn has radiation from the Mushroom War too, even after 1000 years have passed, the radiation hadn't disappeared completely: Finn's eyes lack detail and appear as small dots due to a minor mutation, although, Andy Ristaino confirmed that Finn's eyes are blue.