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    In the episode, "I Remember You", as you know, Marceline finds a newspaper article about Simon Petrikov. I have decoded (most of) that article.

    Here's the original picture:

    And here's what it says (~~ is where it's illegible):

    Simon Petrikov Unearths Ancient Treasure

    Silly man returns from expidition with a marginally exciting discovery.
    By Bruce G~~

    It was~~or~~g that gree~~th~~of hard-dr~~halists~~curious pigeons.
    T~~orr~~otu press conference was conven~~professor of archaeology~~nd bon viva~~ Simon Petrikov.
    You may remember Petrikov from ~~t thing F~~nva.
    Well that g~~ from his ~~to~~ expedition in the ~~dd~~ or wherever.

    With much pomp~~ Petrikov unveiled the most significant ~~ce from the dig to a rapt ~~dd~~nce~~ ou~~ it was just a book.
    A rat…

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    I BE BACK.

    January 24, 2013 by Pancake Pancake Pancake

    The title is correct. After a break over half as long as a year, I have returned. Stuff was going on, and I was carried away. I can't be on 24/7, but you can count on me to improve grammar and check for accuracy. So, yes. That's it.

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    I guess i've got some explaining to do. Recently, I haven't been on chat as much or making much edits. This is because i've been much busier than usual. First, school was ending and most of my time has been taken up by studying for my exams. Second, I'm about to move, so planning has been taking hours from me, as well as being stressed. I'm moving from Rockville, MD to Rhinebeck, NY. Third, the 12th was both my birthday, AND my grandmother's birthday. Also, my six-year-old sister's seventh birthday is on the 28th, and I want it to be something extra-special. Besides, my cat shattered her princess piggy bank yesterday. So, I hope this clears things up a bit, and I am looking foreward to being more active on the AT Wiki.

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