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    Farmworld Finn's Sib?

    November 13, 2012 by Paperunicorn

    Okay, so in Finn the Human and Jake the Dog we see the creatures of Ooo in different forms. Like Choose Bruce is Choose Goose and the cute old lady is Marcy. But who are the other characters?

    Destiny Gang - I have no idea who the Destiny Gang might be in the "regular" dimension. Any theories?

    Finn's sibling - I was looking at an Adventure Time fanpage on Instagram, and I commented on a photo about how I REALLY wanted to know who his baby sibling was. Someone commented that they thought it was Beemo. I was like, "OH MY GLOB. MIND = BLOWN." So yeah, I think it's Beemo.

    Finn's mom - It could be Margaret, but I really think it's Peebles. Cuz she's wearing pink. I dunno.

    There were some other characters in the episode, and I want to know your theories…

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