• PatrickF1

    I remember season one. The adventuring, the humor, absence of romance. It was so good back then! That was when adventure time became the highest rated show on CN.

    But now, the adventuring is nearly gone, sucked away and drowning in a cesspool of corrupted romance episodes. Ever since "Frost and Fire" aired, the show was just a supernatural soap-opera about Finn's love life. Sure, there's still SOME adventuring episodes now, like "escape from the citadel" but they aren't the same as they were 4 years ago.

    Dominated by the bad and the boring, the future isn't looking good. Keep churning out "stuff" like "Bad Timing" "Breezy" "the party's over, Isle De Señora" "Earth and water" and heaven forbid "Shh!" Then Adventure time is gonna die.


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