Super-duper off topic mode: I'm a girl,so y'know,just clearing that up.


This will be my last blog for a long time. I'm not leaving. I will PROBABLY take a hiatus from my birthday to August 22. I MAY be here occasionally on weekends. No,I will not be here on weekdays during that time. Basically,I wrote this blog to apoligize and explain some things. I'm sorry if I make a lot of typos,I'm typing this entire thing on my tablet at,like,really late. I love you guys. Like,in that family kind of way. I love it when we do sort of "real talks". It just makes me feel like I know you personally,even when I dont. I'm sorry if I've been kind of prickly lately. I've just been kind of feeling like the third wheel. Nobody's really been talking to be as much in chat. Now,I'm not asking for attention,and I don't want you to give me any special attention either. I just kind of want to be a littke more noticed,y'know? It's like I'm the firstborn child and there are two babies in the family. Now that THAT's out of the way,I want to talk about some of the things that have happened recently,and some future events. I just went to a 4-day camp last week,and I'll be leaving again on the 13th. I will be returning that Saturday,which is a day after I previously thought. My best wishes go with you while I'm not there,and I hope that you feel the same to me. On the 30-31 of this month,I MIGHT be here,since I'm just going on vacation for a little bit. On the 3rd,I wont be here hardly at all since I'm going on a float trip,and i think on tbe 15th of August,school starts for me again. Seriously,you guys are like my family. I don't really have any real life friends,and it makes me so happy to have people that might actually care for me. If you don't like religion,thats fine,but every day I pray for you all and hope that you're kept safe. I hope that at least one of you reads this and actually cares. You are my best friends in the world. Thank you.