Die monsters by ry spirit-d533458

THIS, is what I want an Adventure Time game to feel like. Note: The pic. is not mine, but Ry-Spirit's, who can be found on Deviantart.

When I first heard that an Adventure Time game was going to be released a few years ago, I was pretty hyped. I then learned that it was going to be a 3DS game that would involve a gameplay similar to LoZ II. I thought that was fine and all, but a part of me still felt dissapointed. I don't play portable consoles, and the game's mechanics and style don't really suit my feel for what I call an epic game. So the concept came to me.......what IF enough of us piled together some ideas for a truly amazing, awesome, and epic Adventure Time videogame?

If we all collected our ideas on what the next game may be like, maybe the show's crew could hear us, or at least take note of our enthusiasm about the idea.

To show what I mean, here are a few ideas of my own on how an AT game might look like if it was made:

  • The game would be on a console, and would follow a gameplay mechanics-mix similar to Skyrim and the Legend of Zelda.
  • The modeling would stil follow along with the show, but the shading and lighting would be realistic, giving a distinctive, stylized look.
  • The music would be a mix of the show's 8-16 bit tunes, a few vocal songs by the game's cast, the show's synth-music style, and a full orchestra (on some parts).
  • The story would take place all across the known sections of Ooo, and even a few locations we've never seen before. The plot revolves around the magical properties that existed befor the Great War, and have a mix of lighthearted humor and dark tones, all around the idea of an epic adventure.

But I'm not the only one who should be posting their thoughts. If any of you guys are interested, or if any of you have an idea, post it here, so we may all collaborate on how awesome this idea could be.