Hello Adventure Time wiki contributors, I'm back. I haven't done a decent anything in ages. Being on this wiki since I forget, June maybe, and barely having any edits to show for it. Some would say that I am sort of lazy, unresponsive, or uncaring. Well that's partially true, I don't usually go here and help improve this information sourcebecause I want to, but when I edit I try to restore jacked up pages to their former glory, all in one major adjustment, what's why my edit count is small. Well the most important reason why I've been out cold is that one day, I forget when, I found an astounding note on Adam Muto's formspring, stating that the questionable origin of Finn's hat, even during infancy, was that Finn skinned a bear and mounted the head pelt upon his head, making a reference to Pen's cartoon creation, Bueno Bear, who bears a similar shape headwise to Finn's hat. Finding this, I made an edit to the Finn's hat page and sourced it to the exact URL, published it, checked if the link worked, then left the wiki to check my email. No less than a minute after posting that edit, that source, and the note was deleted, to make it worse, I didn't know how to undo undos at the time, so I lost the link to resource and couldn't get that scrap of data back. Now I'm stuck here

some friends I made so far.

A Hero Boy Named Finn

Adventure Princess