Warning: This blog is not meant for creating drama, bring that somewhere else.

I am only writing this blog post because it has come to my attention that blogs have now become the source for drama pools. First, I would like to say that I believe blogs should be free and open for people to post what they want within reason. This means post should include BUT are not limited to posts about Adventure Time. Next, I would like to say that I like Adventure Time as much as the next guy, but it's a show, and therefore, should not be causing anywhere near the amout of drama it has on this wiki. People, I get it, you love the show and this wiki and whatnot, but it's just a show. Period. This wiki is a nice place to come and chat, but when your angry or resentful, don't bring it to this wiki and smash other users or this wiki itself in the name of the show or wiki. It just makes you look mad and stupid (look up what mad means if you don't know the true meaning). Lastly, I agree that users spend a bit too much time on chat and making blogs, but thats their way of contributing and having fun here. Plus, editing pages is hard to do with so many users on because most of the time there isn't much your average, not too tech-saavy user can do. The bulk of the editing on this wiki is done by a small group of people who are efficient and just good at what they do.
That is all I have to say and would appreciate comments filled with hate not to be written. Now logical, well thought out responses are always appreciated.