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  • PrinceGumball22

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 26, 2015 by PrinceGumball22

    Yeah! Ya know what day it is? Thursday!

    But even more, it's that one Thursday where we (or at least Americans and I'm sure others as well) stuff our faces with more food than we would like, so that we may sacrifice one of us bloated being to the Turkey Gods. Or maybe so we have an excuse to be lazy and watch football all day.

    So Happy Turkey Day guys, and thanks. You know, because it's Thanksgiving, so I'm giving thanks. Thanks.

    But really:

    Thanks. :P

    So again, Happy Thanksgibbin, and I hope you guys have a good Thursday.

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  • PrinceGumball22

    I'm not saying goodbye. Not because I'm leaving. But for anyone else who is, I would like to say goodbye and thank you. I come on here maybe once a week now, and people leave and I don't get a chance to say goodbye to old friends. I just wish there was a way, to get the whole group together. Just one last time, for a crazy internet party. Once upon a time, the people on this site were my only friends and it sucks that they are going. At this point idk what I'm trying to say. I feel like every blog post I make on here is me reminiscing and hoping tha we can revive this place, although I know others are hoping for that as well. I would be sad if I ever felt that this place was so boring that there wasn't anything here for me anymore, but it'…

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  • PrinceGumball22

    Wondering if anybody remembers my Rebellious Rebellion. It was kinda short-lived. I don't remember what it was about, but we were trying to overthrow some king or whatever, There were a few recruits, but it got shut down becasue apparently rebellions aren't allowed, even fake ones that were totally cool. To the population of still active accounts, I dunno, just remember the glory.

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  • PrinceGumball22

    Hey. Another blog post. Gr8 yknow? Sure you're tired of 'em lmao

    But I have noticed that some people are slowly regressing back into this community, myself included, and I would like to make a list (more of a personal one) of all the people here who I would consider to be kind of like the original people who I met in the beginning, or people who have left an impact. Like I said, it's more or less kinda personal, but you guys can help me out by A) Letting me know if you believe you should be on this list, B) Letting me know if you think I'm missing somebody other than yourself, C) Letting me know if you believe somebody DOESN'T belong, and D) Letting me know if any of these usernames have changed. Thanks for everything y'all! (ugh so many name…

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  • PrinceGumball22


    May 10, 2015 by PrinceGumball22


    I've been here just about 2 years now!!!

    Maybe I've only been active like 45% of that time, but hey, I've grown with this place (at least 45% yknow?)

    So idk wtf to say but I mean, whoever's still here, YOU'RE GR8!!!

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