PG's 1 Year WikiVersary

Well. I can't believe I'm a whole 1 year old! So much has happened this year, that I can't even say everything. I remember my first day on Chat.

  • Thank You IATF for NUKES.
  • Also, thanks Ace. We had alot of...err... disagreements. Let's just say he gave me the finger when I said "How bout them (Black)hawks?" He's a Bruins fan. But hey. We had a not so great relationship for a while, but we're like... really... friendly? XD
  • Shout out to Beemo. She also hated me. Still not sure why. But I think maybe she thought I was a stalker? Either way I became her Senpai. WOW. The Great Beemo. I'm her Senpai. -(_)-
  • Incemdium(or Octo[or maybe]) let's just say IB. He denies it, but I had marshmallows. Maybe only Beemo understands (spaghetti babies?)
  • GAZI!!!!! How r u????? Gazi was/is my best friend.
  • AnimatorEvil19....Where is she? I miss her.
  • YogurtSpill, sup? Does anybody remmeber The Rebellious Rebellion(that wasn't actually a Rebellion)? YS was behind it all. But I'm the Giovanni (Team Rocket).
  • DatFatRat the only guy I know in real life here.
  • Except for Braz d blood. Is it mean if I say I wish I didn't know him? Either way. I don't say that.
  • More to come.....Possibly.

It's just been a really cool year. You all made it awesome. Ok. So one more thing. Normally on Wikiersaries, Users make things for others. But, it's MY Wikiversary. So why don't you guys make me something? You dont have to. I'll put up a vote.


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