I'm not saying goodbye. Not because I'm leaving. But for anyone else who is, I would like to say goodbye and thank you. I come on here maybe once a week now, and people leave and I don't get a chance to say goodbye to old friends. I just wish there was a way, to get the whole group together. Just one last time, for a crazy internet party. Once upon a time, the people on this site were my only friends and it sucks that they are going. At this point idk what I'm trying to say. I feel like every blog post I make on here is me reminiscing and hoping tha we can revive this place, although I know others are hoping for that as well. I would be sad if I ever felt that this place was so boring that there wasn't anything here for me anymore, but it's even sadder to see that happen to others. Let's try and make this place more lively and exciting.