I think they should make an episode about villains like The Lich’s backstory because I really want to learn more about him. I think almost all of Adventure Time episodes always features heroes like Finn and Jake and I think it’s not fair that they didn't give some villains a shot. BTW, I dont think Ice King is really a villain, he just lost his mind because of that crown and became a lonely and creepy old man who’s desperate to be loved at. I’m talking about real villains like The Lich.

S5 e1 The Lich with other shadow figures

I mean who he really is and where did he come from? Why Adventure Time crew won't let villains give a shot? Are they too evil for Adventure Time? Well, I'm sorry but I really like The Lich and I really want to learn more about him. And I think they should make a song feature villains singing. Because its really fun to learn and inspiring villain’s character. I mean, I’m a Disney Fan, I love everything about Disney including villains too like Scar(Personally my favorite), Frollo, Hades, Maleficent, and Ratigan. Speaking of Ratigan, do you know he was voiced by a really famous person named Vincent Prince?

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He loves playing a role as a villain. That's his passion because its fun and thrilling. Heck, I can even tell in this song, The World's Greatest Crinimal Mind, he's enjoying it.

The World's Greatest Criminal Mind (Ratigan)02:36

The World's Greatest Criminal Mind (Ratigan)

So, there's nothing wrong having a episode feature villains, because I think it's a great way to learn about them. So what do you guys think? Do you think they should make an episode about The Lich's backstory?