After seeing Reign of Gunters when Finn said he's trying to be all mysterious to all girls in case of opinion if Flame Princess doesn't work out and in All The Little People when he set his mini version up with Lady Rainicorn, Flame Princess, and Princess Bubblegum and cause them to be heart-broken and having them fight each other, I'm starting not to like Finn. Because I don't want Finn to be a player for cheating on Flame Princess with Princess Bubblegum or other girls. I think he deserve a slap on a face by Flame Princess and let her saying, " What's wrong with YOU?! *slap* Don't EVER mess with me again" like from the end of Incendium. Everytime I see that scene, it makes me feel good. It's just cheating off with someone else is so wrong and it makes me so mad.