Ice King is the most interesting character of all, because his backstory is really interesting and sad. Simon became crazy, evil, and an ice wizard all thanks to that crown of his which it control his and Farmworld Finn’s mind. During Simon and Marcy’s time, Simon would do anything to protect a lonely girl, little Marceline, even costing his own mind. And I truly respect his duty. But now, Simon is nothing but a lonely, creepy, and evil old wizard who is desperate to find someone who can love and care for him. And I believe that wasn’t really Simon doing, because during his video dairy he said,”I know my mind is changing… but I’m already too far gone to know what to do. I want people to know that… if I do things… if I do things that hurt anyone, please… please forgive me." I feel really bad and sorry for him. But during end of his video when he said,”Just watch over me until I can find a way out of this labyrinth in my brain and regain my sanity!” I truly believe Simon will come back for one time only like use his crown to save Marceline from any great danger and help Finn and Jake to stop a great evil like The Lich. I know it’s time to face the fact what he become right now, but we have faith and something to believe in and I believe Simon will come back. I truly respect him.

The Truth Ice King and Marceline AMV02:08

The Truth Ice King and Marceline AMV

Simon and Marcy 2