I seen some of Adventure Time fans and Fubblegum shippers hate Flame Princess because they thought she destroy Fubblegum and stole Finn from PB. WRONG! First of all, it was all Jake's idea in Incendium to set Finn up with Flame Princess after have many rejections from Princess Bubblegum and sang All Gummed Up Inside during his sad time. Second of all, the reason that PB rejected Finn so many times are PB doesn't like Finn in that way, Finn was so naive to realize she's too old for Finn, and PB only like and cares about Finn as a FRIEND like she really cares about her people in the candy kingdom. And besides, she's not even interest to be with Finn because in Too Young, PB is the one who told Finn first to move on. She and Cheeze are right, Finn is just too naive to move on. And in Burning Low, PB seems interested that Finn have a 'lady-friend' before know its Flame Princess. How come FP steal Finn from PB if PB doesn't want to date Finn and doesn't like Finn in that way? So for all you Fubblegum shippers, maybe you should Blame Jake not Flame Princess. It was his fault not Finn, not Princess Bubblegum, and not even Flame Princess. But sometimes we can't blame Jake, he just want his brother/best friend to be happy to have a girlfriend.

Let's not forget Earl of Lemongrab too in Too Young. He's the reason that Princess Bubblegum have to turned back to 18 again and ruined Finn's chance to be with her. But don't blame him too, he's just doing his job. Because while PB was 13 years old, Lemongrab is right, she was TOO YOUNG to rule the kingdom in that time. So Princess Bubblegum has no choose to turn back to her own age again and reclaim her throne.

Plus, Flame Princess doesn't really want to be with Finn at first even she really likes him because remember, she warned Finn in Hot to the Touch even they like each other, they're gonna hurt each other. She's RIGHT! She's made of fire, Finn will get burn from her. But Finn is passionate to give it up, so he has some courage and bravely to tell her he can take it and want to give their relationship a try.

And they thought Flame Princess is ruining Adventure Time all because she turning AT into a romance show and make Finn stop adventuring and being a hero. WRONG AGAIN! Adventure Time is all adventure(mostly), action, drama, comedy, and romance. Why romance too? Watch Slow Love, Go With Me, Video Makers, Too Young, Fionna and Cake, and Dream of Love to find that out and talk to Jake and Lady Rainicorn about it. And after Burning Low, did you see Finn being all lovely-dovey and all romantic? NO, he's still going on most of adventures and being a hero. He just want a girlfriend like Jake does, remember what he said in Hot To The Touch,"Why can't I just like a girl?"

I am not becoming a Fubblegum shipper, I still ship Flinn, I'm just telling the truth.

And I'm getting tired of those people who vandalism Flame Princess's page just because she's now Finn's new love interest and girlfriend, not either Princess Bubblegum(mostly) and Marceline. So I'm ask those people this, why are you so againsting Flame Princess? It really doesn't matter if Princess Bubblegum is Finn's love interest or not, this is Adventure Time not Shipping War time. I just rather like her being single or being with Marceline or someone else.