After experiencing all AT, who do you think is the most interesting character of ALL?

My opinion:

  • From Simon...
  • To the Ice King.

I think The Ice King is the most interesting character of ALL. Because mostly after seeing Holly Jolly Secrets, I can't believe Ice King used to be a human named Simon Petrikov. He was studying to be an antiquarian and have a young fiancée named Betty until one day he found a mysterious crown that changes everything for Simon. That crown made him crazy and become an ice wizard. After seeing his past dairy, he made a message if he does anything to hurt people, he ask them to forgive him while the crown is taking over him. I don't blame him for that, it was the crown's fault. In his last messages on his dairy, I think he's looking for a perfect princess like Betty. And he has special bond with Marceline when she was young. During the mushroom war, he took great care of Marceline. I know stealing princess is wrong but I feel really sorry for the Ice King. Because he just wanted to be loved like being friends with Finn and Jake and find a perfect princess to be his lover. I wish Finn and Jake can go easy on him. Poor guy. In my opinion, I respect the Ice King.

Die a hero or live a villain

He either Die as a hero Or... Live as a villain?